Father and Son

In these precious bodies

We pass down the ability to do things

A father sits backlit by a beer cooler

Watching his son thrash around the stage covering Mars Volta songs

Devilish trance and angelic squirmishes

The feedback lingers at large

Odd time signatures

and sometimes seemingly no time at all

He was a vibraphone player

His son a fretless bassist shining in blue lights

Sweat and drool flying from zig-zag barbershop edges

But this life

THIS life

Is only so long

And our bodies slowly tighten and crumble

Under the weight and stress of gravity and time

What a gift to give

To watch your offspring shake the way you used to be able to shake

Whip their fingers about the way you used to

Feet carefully finding their place heel to toe in the tick-tock of a samba rhythm

But you've done all of that before

Now it's time to sit back and forget your achey bones for a time

and listen through the years of your creation in pride and amazement