Aways seeking shade

The cement truck spins, bananaquits sing, and air plants drape from power lines

as we float on currents like a message in a bottle to some unknown future

I'm trying to write poetry that I don't want to forget

but I'm not looking where I'm going

or feeling where I am

Nor do I know what I'm trying to say

I seek a purpose on paper

a document or a reason for being

But the connection I seek 

Is the revelation of the clouds in your salty sunglasses

Winding roads, dizzying sunshine

The real glory of life--the depth and the truth of it--

Is found in the messy realness

a breath that doesn't make it all the way in

or out

the twists and turns of confusion and discovery

Then maybe I have the flower of its essence within me

Maybe I am experiencing life to the fullest

I just don't know it